Welcome to DragonFire Smithing!

Thank you for coming to the website for DragonFire Smithing.

Serving the Greater Sacramento area, We do gunsmithing, and firearms repair

We also offer Appraisals and Estate Sale Assistance.

If you Have Antique or Curio firearms and want to know the history or posible value

Let us see your whole collection.

Do you have any broken firearms?


Because we do firearm repairs, we somtimes will purchase guns that are dammaged or even completly ruined

Other firearms dealers will have no interest in non-functioning firearms and treat them like scrap metal

even if all you have are firearm parts, we will look at what you have and if posible make you an offer

Estate Sales!

Has a friend or realative recently past away? Leaving behind a collection of firearms?

We are licenced fireamrs dealer and can help you dispose of your collection in strict accordance with all required laws

If your intention is to keep all or just part of this collection in your family, we can also help with this type of legal transfer of ownership

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